Transformer Core for Voltage Stabilizer

Transformer Core for Voltage Stabilizer

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Transformer for Voltage Stabilizers

We offer clients a wide range of Voltage stabilizers Transformers. These Voltage stabilizers Transformers are constructed using ferromagnetic core around which multiple coils/windings, of copper wire are wound to ensure in them optimum performance standards. Their precision functioning standards also ensure flawless step down of the supply voltage to a level suitable for low voltage circuits they contain.


Test Conducted:

During manufacturing all components as well as raw materials used undergo extensive testing at our labs. Special test like heat run is conducted on the prototype of every lot.

Some other tests outsourced to reputed agencies include: H V Test, Short circuit test & NO Load Current & On Load Current & Voltage


Features: Computerized designs, Provides maximum efficiency, Manufactured as per relevant industry standards, Finished products undergo extensive testing to ensure in them optimum operational efficiency & Come with high quality insulation.


Technical Specification


500 va to 2 Kva

Input Voltage

90v, 110v to 290v

Output Voltage





Copper / Aluminum (As Per Requirement)